1. Take a few long and deep breaths, just to know that you are here, and you are not dreaming. I don´t understand the importance of breathing this way, but I still do it when I have to. When i´m just overwhelmed.

2. I write a «no» list. Sounds not very positive maybe, but I do. It´s good for me to write down things I´m not allowed to do. Like saying negative things about myself, to myself. Or that I am not allowed to stress out over Instagram. That I have to stop letting my stressfulness (haha) be a problem for my fiance etc. I do this quite often just to see what I have to promise myself, to stop doing.

3. I watch a great movie, if you don´t know wich one google «movie tip annijor» and you will get a lot of great tips from my blog.

4. If you don´t have a bathtub I dare you to get out, also if it´s raining, and take a bath. Just promise me to do it (there you can cry by yourself)

5. Order a book, just order a book you have thougth about lately.

6. Tell yourself that you are in control. It´s your body, it´s just in your head, avoid catastrophising.

7. Explore the feeling. I often get very creative when Im a bit down, and create something. If you don´t have a blog, or journal.. maybe try out pinterest? look at pictures, get a feeling and let yourself feel.

8. Write down 7 things you are greatful for (I say 7 because let´s be honest, sometimes it´s hard to find 10)

9. You will not die from this

10. You are amazing, you are very loved & everything will be alright. It´s maybe cloudy today, but the sun is always there. It´s not gone.


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