me: “but I can’t go. I can’t travel right now. I can’t leave the autumn and I can’t imagine not having an anxiety attack at the airport. I’m not safe with you yet, I actually don’t know you that well. I feel unsure in big crowds of people, not with my friends, or with work, but probably with you. I need time”

he looks at me. stares at me.

him: “you know it’s not me you feel unsafe about right? it’s you Anniken”

I started to cry.

So I just wanted to show you something that inspired me years ago, and still does.
Ludovico, live in Moscow, with full passion for what he created. enjoy, and talk tomorrow!

Okey, so maybe I am a little bit overexcited about autumn right now, but I am!! I seriously can feel the crisp air right now, and the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to open the window and feel the air in the morning while im underneath the warm duvet. I also started to listen to my favorite playlist “waiting for autumn” today and I smiled.. I really had a genuin happiness for a few fucking seconds and I felt it. This autumn are going to be special, I can´t wait. So, I got this jacket yesterday and it felt like a small home around me! 90% wool and 10% cashmere. A lifelong timeless piece I am going to wear the entire autumn and winter. I LOVE IT. Actually used it today with only jeans and a t-shirt and it was perfect.

You can find it HERE – totally obsessed!!!


Rett før sommeren bestemte jeg meg å gjøre en siste lille finish på kjøkkenet, og det var å skifte benkplatene! Jeg hadde “marmor” fra før også, men jeg hadde laminat, og selvom det ser greit ut på bilder, mistet jeg den genuine følelsen av ordentlig natursten. Som dere vet er jeg så opptatt av natur materialet og det var også derfor jeg skaffet meg 100% tregulv.. Riper og rifter er det som gjør ting levende, og det er mer meg enn mye annet. Samme med marmor, jeg er ikke redd for at det skal se ut som om noen har levd! Men det å finne noen som måler, setter opp benkplater og faktisk har skikkelig fin sten var ikke akkurat en enkel jobb! Etter VELDIG MYE leting (akk som med gulvet) fant jeg Askim steinindustri. Så et hot tips er å svinge innom der å se det helt sinnsyke utvalget av sten! Super proft, god service og rask levering og montering! Da blir jeg glad, for jeg eier ikke tålmodighet hehe. Nettsiden deres finner dere forresten: HER

// Just before the summer, I decided to make one last little finish in the kitchen, and that was to change the worktops! I used to have “marble” as well, but I had laminate, and even though it looks good in pictures, I lost the genuine feeling of real natural stone. As you know, I am so interested in good materials and that was also why I got 100% wooden floors .. Scratches and tears are what make things come alive, and it is more me than much else. Same with marble, I’m not afraid it’s going to look like someone’s alive! But finding someone who measures, sets up countertops and actually has really nice stones was not exactly an easy job! After a lot of searching (like with the floor) I found Askim stone industry. So a hot tip is to stop by and see the absolutely insane selection of stones! Super professional, good service and fast delivery and assembly! Then I will be happy, because I do not have patience hehe. 

I don´t know why, but all I can think about these days are green. minty fresh green colors. so I asked for that when I did my nails, and after the first layer I said I regret it and wanted something else. then I said that I wanted it, so now I have to live with it. hehe, kidding I love it! I actually believe that the reason I accept colors a little bit more now is because of all the medical facemasks, haha!! I seriously think thats why I have blue on my mind all the time aswell.. I guess I can accept the natural colors (whatever that means right?!) green and blue. I think we can be friends, but not all the shades… like marine blue? like really deep royal blue??? IT HURTS, don´t know why…. ahhh, this obsession are soon going overboard, and I have never ever bought a purse in a color before, but I want a green chanel…. WHY LIFE WHY. (imagine that was my world problems at the moment) kinda is, are. dunno. bye