I don´t know why, but all I can think about these days are green. minty fresh green colors. so I asked for that when I did my nails, and after the first layer I said I regret it and wanted something else. then I said that I wanted it, so now I have to live with it. hehe, kidding I love it! I actually believe that the reason I accept colors a little bit more now is because of all the medical facemasks, haha!! I seriously think thats why I have blue on my mind all the time aswell.. I guess I can accept the natural colors (whatever that means right?!) green and blue. I think we can be friends, but not all the shades… like marine blue? like really deep royal blue??? IT HURTS, don´t know why…. ahhh, this obsession are soon going overboard, and I have never ever bought a purse in a color before, but I want a green chanel…. WHY LIFE WHY. (imagine that was my world problems at the moment) kinda is, are. dunno. bye


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