"Who killed little Gregory" is a documentary & "The Intouchables" is a movie!

If you can see “the untouchables” in french you can watch everything in french!

Yesterday I started to think about Agnes, and her voice. Sometimes I think about Lana del rey, or a norwegian artist or something similar and I listen to the songs over and over again. Old songs, songs that gives me memories from the past, it´s nice. I have these days, or maybe weeks in my life where I just listen to songs that made me feel something. Yesterday it was Agnes Obel, and her voice. Strange because when I got home one of her songs suddenly played in the series I was watching. Anyway, I know you´ll find a favorite song here, she has a beautiful voice. I actually went to her concert last year, and it was magic.

also some of my playlists on spotify if you want to take a look!! <3 have a nice friday loves


the drawing Øde made on the farm <3

my book is finally in pocket! find it – HERE – in english: HERE

I took this in my hometown on mothers day, 9 in the morning. so beautiful

I think I was clothes… everyday haha.

my favorite shirt! can´t wait to use this over a bikini this summer – HERE

so obsessed with smoothies these days, love to just buy frozen berries and add some juice!

a snapshot from my makeup tutorial I made this week! blush: HERE / highlight: HERE / cream: HERE

aand this is how it turned out..

new nails by @s.and.m, angel wings and skies <3

last night..

byeee <3


en hel purre / 1 leek
2 hvitløksfedd / 2 garlic cloves
4 poteter / 4 potatoes
0,5dl grønnsaksbuljong / 0,5dl vegetable broth
1 boks oatly matfløte / oat or soy cream

Skjær potet og purre i biter, og hakk hvitløk. La alt dette surre i en kjele med litt smør, og hell over grønnsaksbuljong (jeg bruker 1 hel) og la det koke til det er mørt. Tilsett havrefløten og miks alt med en stavmikser! Jeg pleier å toppe den med salt, pepper, persille og ikke minst trøffelolje! Lover, dette er overraskende godt, og spesielt de dagene du ikke orker en hel gigantisk middag på bordet.

// Cut the potato and leek into pieces, and chop the garlic. Let all this simmer in a saucepan with a little butter, and pour over vegetable broth, and let it cook until tender. Add the oat cream and mix everything with a hand mixer! I usually top it with salt, pepper, parsley and not least truffle oil!


I just blend 3-4 pumps with my favorite face cream and leave over night! You get this glowy bronzed look that I really love! I have actually used this for years, and it´s so kind (ofcourse vegan), and award winning!! love love love this one!!

Rainy: HERE / A hint of summer: HERE


My perfect, favorite all time black suit. It´s from Knust Porselen, my clothing brand that is my number 1 bby after nurket ofc. This suit is made of 100% light wool and I wanted to make the most stunning oversized suit. I can´t even begin to explain how much I have used these pieces, both alone and together. Also perfect in the summer, because wool breaths so I use this all year around! It´s important to invest in lifetime pieces, that I learned way tooo late haha. Also, my bbf Martine did my hair and makeup today, and she actually just made a new account where she does photo, styling, makeup and hair! @krafftstyle! <3 she also do wedding makeup!

1. HERE (I wear 38) / 2. HERE  / 3. HERE (I wear size xs/s)