Top: Attire
Trousers: House of dagmar
Belt: Vintage
Shoes & bag: Bottega Veneta


A good amount of epsom salt, I also bath in this salt when I need to relax - I use this: HERE
Also like to use some essential oils, also use that when I take a bath - HERE

I really like to take a foot bath when I am cold, I can get the coldest feet! But also when I feel that my body need a detox. Using for example epsom salt can drain out a lot of toxins in your body, but also make you relax more! Remember to add a scrub after to really exfoliate ur summer feet <3


I absolutely love hairoils, and I have talked a lot about the «rahua amazon oil» because it does not contain any silicones. Well, I got this gifted from Oway a time ago, and I love it so much. It´s natural, it´s lightweight and I can use way more in the palm of my hand to warm it up, than the rahua oil. The hair feels silky smooth, and the smell is amazing <3 x

Found this recipe on Tiktok, and I was more like…wow. It was just INSANE!


Cherry tomatoes 
3-4 garlic cloves
Olive oil 
Salt & pepper
Feta cheese

Put cherry tomatoes, a feta cheese block together with garlic cloves & olive oil in the oven 200C’. Let them stay until they look a bit soggy. Then you put everything in a blender, then you get the most amazing sauce! Boil the gnocchi and put everything in a pan to blend. Voila!!


Okeeey, it´s finally here!! My B&B Italia Camaleonda!! I ordered this from Nordiska Galleriet a while ago, and it´s finally here! Isn´t this the cutest «puff» you’ve ever seen? It´s actually super comfortable, and I’ve already used it several times enjoying my coffee. We wanted an extension of the living room, as we wanted to make room to more people! Right now the sofa fits a lot of people, but we wanted to have something on the opposite side of the table as well, and this was just perfect. We chose it in the black leather, but I know they have other garments to choose from! You can see all the options: HERE