I wanted to honor my great grandma, cause she carried the name «englund» and that name will soon be my new brand.



1. Take a few long and deep breaths, just to know that you are here, and you are not dreaming. I don´t understand the importance of breathing this way, but I still do it when I have to. When i´m just overwhelmed.

2. I write a «no» list. Sounds not very positive maybe, but I do. It´s good for me to write down things I´m not allowed to do. Like saying negative things about myself, to myself. Or that I am not allowed to stress out over Instagram. That I have to stop letting my stressfulness (haha) be a problem for my fiance etc. I do this quite often just to see what I have to promise myself, to stop doing.

3. I watch a great movie, if you don´t know wich one google «movie tip annijor» and you will get a lot of great tips from my blog.

4. If you don´t have a bathtub I dare you to get out, also if it´s raining, and take a bath. Just promise me to do it (there you can cry by yourself)

5. Order a book, just order a book you have thougth about lately.

6. Tell yourself that you are in control. It´s your body, it´s just in your head, avoid catastrophising.

7. Explore the feeling. I often get very creative when Im a bit down, and create something. If you don´t have a blog, or journal.. maybe try out pinterest? look at pictures, get a feeling and let yourself feel.

8. Write down 7 things you are greatful for (I say 7 because let´s be honest, sometimes it´s hard to find 10)

9. You will not die from this

10. You are amazing, you are very loved & everything will be alright. It´s maybe cloudy today, but the sun is always there. It´s not gone.



So, I wish I knew this trick when I was younger, but I have used vitamin C for maybe 2-3 years. It´s one of the most important serums if you ask me. At the same time I cannot leave my apartment without sunscreen, like I would never! So many don´t understand the effect with vitamin C and sunscreen because, well.. it´s a serum and serums take time to show any effect at all. You have to stay to your routine! Combining your sunscreen with vitamin C, will not only double protect your skin, but also make it better and better and better. Vitamin C will help to reduce the appearence of fine lines, acne scars and also pigmentation. It brightens your skin, and most people don´t want that because they think they get paler. But no, you get more even, and clearer skin – seen Hailey Biebers skin? I feel like that is years with vitamin C and sunscreen!


Dermalogica vitamin C serum - HERE
Natálie by Anniken sunscreen - HERE

this will change ur skin! 

» Sofi: When I saw you that night I had the feeling that I knew you, actually I felt that you knew me «

LOVE this movie so much it almost hurts. The first time I watched it i seriously (and this has never happened before) I started the movie all over again, I watched it twice, last summer, around this time – and it changed me. The movies is called: I origins.




annonse for eget brand

If you haven´t purchased this product yet, then run! Haha, it´s truly amazing and I haven´t had chapped or dry lips in such a long time. I have used the finished sample for 8 months before the launch, and it´s still my one and only lipbalm. It was inspired by sunsticks in the summer with their white beautiful shield I got on my lips, that removed all my redness. So I wanted that effect in a lipbalm, and at the same time made your lips more elastic. It feels like silk on the lips, so that´s why I named it Silk x

Find SILK lipbalm: HERE