so, I read this book so quickly I forgot time. I was actually raised by my mom to believe in souls. reincarnation and hand reading. when she picked me up for school we always listened to the “soul travels” cd’s, and i know it can sound really strange. but a part of me still find some peace and truth in it. I have heard since I was a child that I am a very old soul, and mom learned me how to cope with that. she stopped believing when she lost someone close. but the similarity in what I listed to when i was young, and this book is mind blowing for someone that hasn’t been in contact with this part for years. In my 20s I started to be more curious about soul searching and hypnosis. and when I saw that Kendall Jenner of all people was reading this book I decided to give it a try. Dr. Weiss is a very known psychiatrist that work with these “things”.. dust, in my words. and he tells a story that changed his life, when two patients that didn’t know each other and never had met, started to tell about the same past life when they was in hypnosis. and at first he didn’t notice anything because of the high amount patients in between. and he struggled not to tell them because he wasn’t allowed, but these two souls had found each other again, they just haven’t met yet. you dont need to “believe” in anything to read it btw, its so many interesting words and sayings you are going to love!

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