1. Volume spray before blowdry - HERE / 2. My favorite shampoo - HERE / 3. Heat protecting cream - HERE
4. My texture cream before blowdry (it´s amazing) - HERE / 5. It´s the same! Just cheaper! - HERE
6. The hairspray I use - HERE / 7. Spray wax to form my hair after blowdry - HERE
8. Leave in conditioner for your dry hair! - HERE

I don´t use all of them at the same time, haha! But I always have a lot of moist in my splits and ends (this makes the curls stronger because heat will attach to moist) number 3, then I use a volume spray in my roots before the blow dry (number 1)! Also like to use the texture cream in my lengths if I have a bad hair day and don´t think the curls will stay (number 4). Then I do my blowdry, or curls if I have dry hair, and I´ll use a hairspray or the hair spray wax! (6 & 7) <3


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