Her om dagen fikk jeg en pakke i posten med litt nytt fra Junkyard! Trengte rett og slett å friske opp med litt nødvendigheter som superundertøy og bukser! Jeg får aldri nok av Dr. Denim buksene og superundertøy er noe jeg ikke har eid selv på veldig mange år. Alltid greit å ha om det plutselig dukker opp en hyttetur! Settet er også suuper behagelig og sitter godt på kroppen, love it! Samtidig måtte jeg bare ha Nike skoene! Hvor freshe er ikke disse? 

Genser: HER / Bukse: HER

Sko: HER

Dr. Denim bukse: HER

Dr. Denim bukse: HER


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  1. hei! Bare lurer på en ting. Jeg er 165 cm høy og tar alltid S i dr denim buksene, men de er alltid så sinnsykt lange og klumpete nederst på beinet, og det hater jeg.. Hvor høy er du? Disse satt jo veldig pent, spesielt den med glidelås på beina hadde jo perfekt lengde!

  2. Hei Anniken!

    Please don`t get this the wrong way, I`m genuinely interested in your point of view: How did you process the experiences you made in Cambodia in a way, that you can go on buying clothes like these and blog about them? I read about the Aftenposten documentary in a german newspaper (https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/doku-sweatshop-drei-jugendliche-aus-norwegen-in-kambodscha-a-1014457.html) and I was really interested in getting to know more. There was a link to your blog and now I`m here, seeing all these entries about brands/clothing that was made in horrible conditions….Do you feel that it was all just like a nightmare, and you think about it every now and then but your shopping behaviour hasn`t changed much? Or if it changed, how did it change?

    I know it must be difficult to be a young girl and not to go and shop like everyone else….is that maybe it?

    Personally, after watching a lot of documentaries about the textile industry, I stopped buying about 2 years ago. I just stopped cold turkey, and it was very strange in the beginning. Walking past all those red SALE signs that were trying to seduce me into all those stores…But knowing that those clothes were just the result of someone elses suffering, I couldn`t bear to buy them anymore.

    Then, I had to firgure out where to get clothes from. So I discovered a lot of really nice and pretty ethical and fair trade brands. Yes, they are more expensive than H&M, but they also are much better quality. Plus, knowing that the poeple who made the clothes can actually make a good living for themselves and their children is absolutely worth the price.

    I would really appreciate if you answered my questions…

    I just think it would be so cool if your blog was still a fashion blog, but instead of Nike and all those brands, it would be about People Tree, and Armed Angels, and Allenomis – you know, there is even an Ethical Fashion Week every year. The market is growing, there is so much going on there, and you would be such an inspiration for a lot of girls to do the right thing and buy ethical. And, you would truly honor your experience….

    All the best


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